Fibre Terms & Conditions

PARYS INTERNET Covers the installation fee on your behalf. If you cancel or are suspended due to non-payment this fee will be clawed back. 12 Month Clawback. (R1725)
PARYS INTERNET Covers the connection fee on your behalf except the 20Mbps/10Mbps packages. If you cancel within 12 months or are suspended due to non-payment, this fee will be clawed back. (R1010)

The installation fee covers the first 15 meters, Vumatel then charges you R180-R220 per meter thereafter (They will first quote you, and only upon acceptance of quotation will they proceed with the work). The 15 metres is only if you require trenching in your property and this is 15 metres birds-eye-view irrelevant of the route taken.

PARYS INTERNET provide a free to use router, should client cancel, client would need to return the router back to PARYS INTERNET at their own cost.

One calendar month notice period is needed for the cancellation of the service. All cancellations must go to in order to be processed.

Debit orders will only be activated after the installation has been completed and will be processed on the 1st work day of every Month.