Wireless Internet – FAQ

What is the whole process
  1. Apply for internet connection using the pricing table
  2. We will contact you and make an appointment for a technician to conduct a site survey
  3. A quote is produced based on your needs and specifics of your premises. If the survey is unsuccessful, (no line of sight) we will discuss alternatives, if available
  4. Your payment will secure the installation. Once proof of payment is received (send to support@parys.co.za) your installation will be scheduled
  5. Debit order will be created and account activated
What is a survey

Fixed wireless internet require clear line of sight from your premises to one of our towers. We must confirm that there are no trees or other structures in the way. Since we have various towers, we also use the survey to determine the best link and produce an accurate quote.

What is the installation Cost

The installation cost vary, each site is unique and we quote accordingly. The average cost for a basic installation range between R3500 and R5500. This includes a professionally installed antenna, Router/s and the first month’s subscription.

Will my internet stay on during power outages

Our data centre and all our towers are equiped with battery and solar power backup. Should you connect your equipment to a UPS/ generator, your connection will work as normal during power outages.

Who owns the network

Our entire network is privately owned and maintained. We are not dependant on any 3rd party for repairs. This ensures quick turnaround in the rare case of a breakdown

Do you have redundancy

Our data centre is equiped with 3 seperate upstream fibres, connecting us to the internet at 2 different internet exchange points using different routes.